Melahah Business Services Company is a Saudi Consulting Firm specialized in offshore Oil and Gas Marine Services

Melahah Business Services Company is managed by a professional and internationally certified team.

Melahah Business Services Company aim to build strategic partnerships with clients to achieve sustainable business growth and prosperity.

Our Services

The spectrum of our services enables our clients to excel, covering the analysis and evaluation of the following services
  • Marine Organization Acquisitions / Mergers / Joint Ventures Feasibility
  • Marine Operations Benchmarking
  • Marine Operation Excellence (OE)
  • Marine Cost Optimization Opportunities
  • Marine Fleet Management & Operation KPI’s Dashboard
  • Marine Technical Contracts / Bids
  • IKTVA Strategy
  • Offshore Rig Move Plan
  • Marine ISM and ISPS Systems
  • Marine Vessel / Rig / Barge Specifications
  • Marine Quality Assurance and Controls
  • Marine Port and 0nshore Facility Operations
  • Offshore Installations and Projects
  • Offshore Logistics and Supply Chain Plan
  • Marine Oil Spill Prevention Plans and Controls
  • Marine Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) Plans
  • Marine Technical Risk Assessment
  • Marine Contingency Plans
  • Marine Incident Investigation
  • Marine Traffic Controls
  • Marine Diving and Subsea Operation Support
  • Marine Officer Qualification and Competency
  • Marine Training Requirement

Melahah aim to build a strategic partnership with clients to achieve sustainable business growth and prosperity.

Company Location

Office No 414
3840 Business Gate
King Fahad Bin Abdulaziz Road North Khalidiya
Zip Code 32232
Saudi Arabia